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General Info

Order Submittal:

Please include your PO# in the subject line.

Please send orders and vector artwork together to [email protected]. If you do not get an auto-reply back from this email or order confirmation within two hours, please contact us immediately.


Purchase Order Information:

To ensure the most effective processing of your order, include the following:

  • Your PO number
  • Your Bill-To information
  • Your contact information, including name, phone number, and email address
  • Correct Item Code, Color, and Quantity desired
  • Imprint color
  • Confirmed Ship-To address
  • Desired Shipping method (FedEx Ground is our default)
  • Specific In-Hands date (if applicable)


Order Acknowledgment and Approval Request:

You will receive an immediate auto-reply from [email protected] confirming receipt of your PO email. Your order will be entered into our system, art will be set up, and the approval request will be emailed within 6 hours of receipt of your original purchase order email (during normal business hours). Please call the factory if you have not received your approval request within 6 hours. Our approval request will confirm the product, pricing, imprint color, quantity, ship-to address, shipping method, and estimated ship date. Each element/value of the approval request will have a "Review Status" dropdown which needs to be "Approved" or "Revised" before the system will take the initials and allow the submittal of a response. This will make more sense when you see it. 

If you approve an order, be aware we are the fastest in the business. Once the "Submit Response" button is clicked, a screen will be produced and the order will most likely begin printing within 20-30 minutes. Changes are almost impossible to make and charges are applicable for work already completed on approved orders.  


Standard Lead Time:

Standard Lead Time begins once the approval link has been approved and varies from 3 days to 15 days depending on the product.


Order Cancellation:

All cancellations must be submitted in writing. You will be charged for all applicable charges, dependent upon when the order was canceled.


Repeat Orders:

There is no set-up charge for exact repeats (art and item are the same) ordered within 12 months of the previous order.  Please specify the previous invoice or PO#.  Orders past 12 months will be charged a new set-up.


Artwork Submittal:

Please submit your artwork and purchase order together in the same email.


Multi-Color Imprint Registration:

Multi-Color screen printing, due to the nature of the process, will incur registration errors. Please ensure that your art allows up to 1/16”-1/8” movement in any direction for plastic items. For Foam items please allow for movement up to ¼” in any direction. Due to complexity, some multi-color images may not be acceptable for 2 sided imprint.


Digital Email Proofs:

All proofs are included within the approval request (see above). Leprechaun Promotions sends a proof on every order, even if "no-proof needed" or "proof waived" is presented on PO, a proof will still be sent. The proof is an opportunity to make sure we have interpreted the PO correctly and the end-user is going to be delighted. There is no charge for this proof. Please review these proofs carefully. Your approval authorizes us to print exactly what is on the proof. Orders will not be processed without a proof approval, so please keep an eye out for them. Production lead-time does not begin until we receive a proof approval through our automated proofing system.

If you request a change to your proof, we will be sending you a new approval request. 



FOB factory in metro Atlanta, GA. Some orders may ship from alternative locations.  Our default shipping method is FedEx Ground. Truck carriers may be utilized for larger orders.  We will ship 3rd party or collect if you provide all the required information. You will be liable for any non-payment of 3rd party or collect shipping costs.  COD orders are not accepted. We do not accept any customer-provided shipping labels, our system is not set up to handle these rare requests, and the issues caused could lead to delayed shipments. If you would like to ship 3rd party or collect, please provide the UPS or FedEx account number along with the applicable billing address on your Purchase Order. If an order is received with shipping labels attached, the labels will be disregarded and the order will ship via the default method of FedEx or UPS Ground. 


We do not offer any sort of “co-packing” or shipping orders together in fewer boxes than if they were all the same order. Jobs will be separated by artwork and/or products. These jobs will travel through the production process separately. This makes it difficult to pack and ship jobs together and they will ship completely separately.  There are no credits or discounts given on shipping if “co-packing” is requested and does not happen.


The factory has no control of delivery after the order has been transferred to the shipper. The factory does not guarantee the orders' arrival. If the product is shipped per the schedule and arrives late due to shipper error, you are still required to pay for the order, less any refunds received from the shipper.


We do not ship to Canada or Internationally. It is 100% the distributor's responsibility to get the order to Canada or other foreign countries, including shipping the package, taxes, and providing a commercial invoice. We will only ship addresses within the United States of America.


Customer Pick-up Orders:

As a courtesy to our local customers, we do offer Customer Pick-Up as a shipping option. This will be denoted as “CPU” on the approval form. Please note that the ship date listed on the approval form is denoting the date the order will be printed – the order will not be ready for pick-up until 9 am the following business day.


LTL/Truck Line Shipments:

There are two options for LTL/Truck Line shipments that are based on billing protocol:

  • “Prepay and Add” - Leprechaun handles everything including scheduling the truck, the cost of the truck will be added to your invoice.
  • “Recipient Account” or “Customer Account” – Once the order is complete, we will email shipping dimensions to the distributor. The Distributor is responsible for providing Leprechaun Customer Care with a Bill of Lading, Packing List, and Scheduling the truck.



Leprechaun Promotions warrants its products and decoration to be of good quality. Our liability is limited to the invoice amount on the order. Complaints must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the product; any complaints made after this period will not be eligible for a credit.


Product Returns:

Defective items will be replaced at no charge when returned within 30 days of receipt. Leprechaun Promotions will provide a Return Authorization for all returns. Unauthorized returns will be refused and returned to the sender. Merchandise must be available to be returned for any credit or replacement.


Packing Lists:

These will only be included if specifically requested by the customer.


Order Quantities:

Orders are generally shipped in exact quantities. Due to the nature of the decoration process, orders shipped 5% under the exact quantities will be considered complete. Please plan accordingly when specifying your order quantity.


Freight Estimates:

Shipping estimates (via UPS and FedEx only) are available on our website.


Product Colors and Shade Variances:

Product colors can vary slightly from one production run to the next. Dark color plastics, by nature, show blemishes that are not noticeable in other colors.


Plastic items Scuffs and Scratches:

Due to the nature of plastics, scuffs and scratches can be seen on darker-colored plastic items. This is unavoidable in the molding and printing process. These marks are not considered a defect and will not be eligible for a credit.


Print Clarity on Fluted Cups:

Due to the nature of the silkscreen printing process, the ink will smear from time to time along with the flutes when printing on fluted cups. This is unavoidable in the printing process. These smears are not considered a defect and will not be eligible for a credit.


Ink Odor:

All silkscreen promotional products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. These vapors may be trapped in the plastic and/or cardboard packaging before they have completely dissipated. The ink itself is dry when the packaging occurred. Please allow the product to "air out" if your customer experiences this odor. Please note that if your customer experiences the odor, they are often "snake-bit" and will always smell something. We will not re-run an order based on this common odor complaint, it is part of the printing process, and re-running the order will create the same outcome. 


Can Cooler Foam Item Size Variance:

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, no two can coolers will ever be the same dimension. All can coolers have a variance of size and color from batch to batch. This fact makes the silk-screening process difficult to maintain a consistent center of the imprinted image. Please allow up to ¼” movement in any direction of the imprinted image, within an order or production run.  


Measuring the Ounce Size of Drinkware:

We use the industry-standard of measurement which is stated as follows:

“Filled to the brim capacity using pure water, give or take an ounce or two depending on elevation”

  • Please note: that we use water; not beer, milk, or dog food. Different liquid substances have different volumes based on density. For this reason, beer poured from a 12 oz. can into a 12 oz. cup will overflow. Since this is the Industry Standard, Leprechaun Promotions will not be liable for product size decisions and/or orders placed by professional Distributors.
  • Please note: water volume is affected by atmospheric pressure, the higher the elevation, the lower the atmospheric pressure, the lower the atmospheric pressure, the greater the volume of water. Meaning, the higher a drinking vessel is from sea level, the less liquid it will hold. In layman’s terms, a 12 oz. cup in Denver will hold less liquid than a 12 oz. cup in Key West.
  • Rule of Thumb: When in doubt about the vessel size, just bump the size up. The difference in an S12C and S16C is minimal.  

We do offer free random samples that ship in 24 hours, we ask that you provide the UPS or FedEx shipping account number to cover the cost of shipping.


Blank Orders:

Blanks are sold at EQP. Minimum $50 invoice applies.


Copyright/Trademark Laws:

Leprechaun Promotions assumes when artwork has been submitted for an order that this artwork was submitted in full compliance with the laws governing copyright, trademark, etc. Purchasers, by placing these orders, agree to hold Leprechaun Promotions harmless for any damages as a consequence of our use of said artwork.


Returned Checks:

There is a $20 (Z) handling fee for all returned checks.


Printing Distortions:

Many of the products we sell are tapered and due to the laws of physics, some geometric shapes/images may distort on items. For example, a circle may look oval, and a square may look like a trapezoid. Since this is a function of our natural environment, there is nothing we can do to stop this phenomenon, so please advise picky end-users of this issue possibly occurring with their logo. We do not hold up production for "printing distortions" since we sell only to Promotional Product Distributors who as professionals are aware of this known function of physics with taped products and logos.

QR Codes:

We do not guarantee the readability of QR codes. We do not recommend QR codes on any products due to the previously mentioned “printing distortions”. Ink and product substrate color contrast also cause reliability issues with QR codes, another reason we suggest avoiding them.


Washing of Mugs and Cups:

Items in our catalog are not recommended for use in commercial dishwashers. We recommend that all products be hand washed for the best imprint life.



We recommend verification of all product offerings and prices at our official website: www.leprechaunpromo.com. Leprechaun Promotions cannot be held liable for inaccurate information on third-party websites or search engines.



All corporate logos or registered trademarks are shown only to illustrate graphic capabilities. Logo-bearing merchandise can only be purchased by or through a company to which the logo or symbol belongs. Imprints shown in photos may include PMS colors, requiring additional charges.


Catalog pricing is subject to change without notice, see www.leprechaunpromo.com for current pricing. We are not liable for information that is incorrect on third-party promotional product search engines such as SAGE and ASI's ESP application.   



Copyright Leprechaun Promotions 2020. All rights reserved.